Register your .bit domain for only 0.02 BTC per year! Including DNS hosting and HTTP-forwarding...

DomainCoin: a .bit registrar is a namecoin registrar, using our services you can register .bit domains without a hassle! Usually you will need to run the namecoin software and renew your domain from time to time. We offer this as a service including some nice extra's!

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Registration and renewal price: 0.02 BTC per year. Domains are renewed automatically every year, but you can also choose to disable the automatic renewal function and renew manually. No contracts!

Powerful control panel

Use our control panel to register new domain names or edit already registered domain names. You don't need the Namecoin client to be installed on your computer and updates are sent to the Namecoin network immediately! We will take care of renewing your domain name, you won't lose it because you forgot to do it manually!

DNS Hosting included

We offer free DNS hosting with each registered domain using DomainCoin. Use the control panel to edit the contents of your DNS zone without a hassle, all needed record types are available! Your DNS zone will be hosted on a master/slave setup located on different locations.

Free HTTP-forwarding

Every domain registered with DomainCoin comes with free HTTP-forwarding. Using the forwarding feature you can forward your domain to another URL. Very useful when your web host doesn't support .bit domains or to forward a domain to a subdirectory of an existing web site.